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We explained the buying process of Appanage Mart in three simple steps. See how it works, benefits and FAQ.


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Personal Details

It is the first step to register in the APPANAGE MART. In that field you can fill your personal details like name, mobile no, email id, registration date.

If you can fill all the detail you can click on the next button and you can go to the next steps.



Firm Details

It is the second part to register in the APPANAGE MART. In that part you can fill your firm detail like firm catageory, firm location, Country name, firm owner name, GST number, firm logo, firm type.

All the field are compalsary and you can fill all the detail you can click on the next button and you can go to the next steps.



Login Details

It is the third part to register in the APPANAGE MART. In that part you can Fill your login detail like user name, password, re-entered password.

If you complete all the detail you can go to the terms and condition page you can except that detail you can SUBMIT them and you can go to the login page You can login your account with the help of Registration Id or Password.

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Powerful search tools for finding products.

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Benefit with trust and safety

Verified Sellers :

Appanage Mart rigorously verifies the identities of sellers on its platform, ensuring that only reputable individuals and businesses are able to list products for sale. This verification process helps to weed out potential scammers and fraudulent accounts, instilling trust in buyers that they are dealing with legitimate sellers.

Secure Transactions :

The platform employs robust encryption and security measures to safeguard transactions between buyers and sellers. Whether purchasing a product or making a payment, users can rest assured that their financial information is protected against unauthorized access or interception.

Seller Ratings and Reviews :

Appanage Mart allows buyers to rate and review their purchasing experience with sellers. These ratings and reviews serve as valuable indicators of a seller's reliability and integrity, empowering buyers to make informed decisions when choosing who to transact with. Likewise, sellers benefit from positive feedback, enhancing their reputation within the community.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism:

In the rare event of a dispute between a buyer and seller, Appanage Mart provides a fair and impartial resolution mechanism. Dedicated customer support teams are available to mediate disputes and facilitate a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved, further reinforcing the platform's commitment to trust and fairness.

Product Authenticity Guarantee:

Appanage Mart takes proactive steps to combat counterfeit products and ensure the authenticity of items sold on its platform. By partnering with brands and implementing stringent quality control measures, the platform gives buyers confidence that they are purchasing genuine products from authorized sellers.

Comprehensive Policies and Guidelines:

Appanage Mart maintains clear and comprehensive policies and guidelines that govern the conduct of users on its platform. These guidelines outline acceptable behavior, prohibited activities, and consequences for violations, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability among the community.

Questions and answers

You can use the appanage free you can use the Appanage free plane. In that plan you can provide the 7 days free trial after complete that days they will automatically close.
you can go to the sign up page. There are three steps that you can fill your detail their and your account will be upgrade.
You can cancle you plane you can click on the that link Click Here your plan will be cancle.
You can click on Click Here that link your problem will be solved.
Just go into price page in that link Click Here you can use only use the Appanage Mart free options in that you can provide 7 days trial after 7 days will be complete they will close automatically.
When creating an account, our ‘guided tour’ tutorial system will walk you through every aspect of the account generation process. From filling in your name to posting your first product or searching for your first item; nothing is left to chance
You have the another question you can click on the that link Click Here. all doute will be clear to go the that link.