SR Furniture

Topic sentences are similar to mini thesis statements. Like a thesis statement, a topic sentence has a specific main point. Whereas the thesis is the main point of the essay, the topic sentence is the main point of the paragraph. Like the thesis statement, a topic sentence has a unifying function. But a thesis statement or topic sentence alone doesnt guarantee unity. An essay is unified if all the paragraphs relate to the thesis, whereas a paragraph is unified if all the sentences relate to the topic sentence. Note: Not all paragraphs need topic sentences. In particular, opening and closing paragraphs, which serve different functions from body paragraphs, generally dont have topic sentences.

"SR Furniture" Details

Contact Number: 1234567890

Email Id:

Location: greater noida

Uttar Pradesh


Company Owner: Mahi Gautam

Firm Type: Individual

GST Number: 1234567890

Firm Registration Id: REGN00001

Date of Registration: 11/07/2021

Company Product

Product Category: RESTAURANT

Product Category: Burger

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