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Our School in Pocket F, Sector Beta- II, Greater Noida is located on a eight acre sprawling campus with large sports facilities of a standard football ground, basketball court etc. Being located in a green area, it is an attractive school for those who would like to grow in a pollution free environment. Coming as it is at the end of 30 years of the establishment of Fr. Agnel School in the Delhi NCR, this new school would have the benefit of three decades experience and expertise of the existing facilities. With the inception of two pre school and 5 primary classes (class I-V) from Academic Year 2010-2011, Fr. Agnel School, Greater Noida has a great future ahead and is the right choice for students who believe in the ideology of the Agnel Ashram Fathers - true pillars of the centrality of the child in the school system and transparency in dealings. It beckons one and all to be part of its great vision of BIG HEARTS AND BRAVE MINDS.

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Sr. Pramila Vas

The more you learn, the more you notice you don't understand, the more you live, the more you see what you're missing. And the more you strive to be all perfect, the more you can realize that there are insufficient opportunities, but changing in a dynamic intellectual ecology. Thus, the full measure of education can be the ability not to tolerate, but to accept their limitations, and the limitations of those around them. Embrace our humaneness. And that requires humility. The world is still going through a pandemic! It continues to spread in other forms, bringing new shocks and fear, but we are conquerors. We must learn to gird ourselves and wear a courageous face, and show a hopeful gaze amid the horrific pandemic that has thrown millions off the track, leaving behind misery and pain, poverty and starvation.

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